Joe Gearin
Joe Gearin Associate Publisher
4/3/18 3:36 p.m.

As you may know, Covercraft is an Associate Sponsor of this year's Mitty.  Not only will they be sponsoring this awesome event, they will be attending, and showing off their high-quality products:


Why does this matter to you?   Well, they would love to show off a cool car from one of our readers during the event!  This car will be in their booth during regular business hours, but can be removed at night.  Figure having your car in the Fan Zone from 9am until 5pm each night or so.   They are encouraging our readers to post pictures of their cars, and they will pick one winner.  This winner will receive a free custom-made Covercraft cover for their prized possession!    I know from 1st hand experience that these are top-notch covers, as my M3 is hiding beneath one as we speak.  

Feel free to post pics of your car here---- Nissans / Datsuns will get preferential treatment, but others will be considered.   Dean Anderson's sweet VTEC powered classic MINI won the cover last year!    

Thanks again to our friends at Covercraft for the support!   If you can make it to the Mitty---- let's see your cars!  

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