André Rousseau
André Rousseau None
5/31/08 8:09 a.m.


Saw the piece in the recent issue about the GT6 getting rare and hard to find.

Now my wife thinks a set of wirewheels on the GT6 would be super. (Thanks)

Second comment, GT6 is still down. After all the to check the head and replace the blow exhaust gasket. The fuel pump packed it in.

I am going for a Facet silver top, only place I've found that has them is

Any one know of another source? Today I'll try a few tests to see why the old SU points pump stopped working.

More to follow.

BTW it was nice too see the new SU's working for a short while before the pump died. No more rich car.


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KaptKaos Reader
5/31/08 9:16 a.m.

You might want to check this out as an option:

I use this on my carbed 914 and it works pretty well and it's quiet. Some guys have used the facets and complained about the noise.


Good luck.

André Rousseau
André Rousseau None
5/31/08 9:23 a.m.

3.5 might be a bit high on the GT6 with SU carbs.

Might need a regulator.

Still nice option


Jack SuperDork
6/4/08 2:33 p.m.


Get a regulator anyway, just to be sure. It's not fun, troubleshooting issues that turn out to be fuel pressure related.

You should also consider testing the pressure with Tee'd in pressure gage, then remove the gage. Test at idle and at RPM to be sure.


André Rousseau
André Rousseau New Reader
6/4/08 4:52 p.m.

Well things are steadily getting better.

Took the GT6 out of ran fill the tank up.

I would best describe the new carb setup as turning the GT6 into a ROCKET SHIP.

Need to smooth out the cable throttle linkage, kinda stiff near the low end and then it pushes past and off she goes.

Wheels spinning....

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