Carl Heideman
Carl Heideman
5/10/19 3:53 p.m.

Story and Photography by Carl Heideman

When it comes to classic car brakes, most people set their expectations way too low. The truth is, most machines built after World War II should have good brakes: a firm pedal that travels no more than an inch and a half while delivering straight, confident s…

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keithedwards New Reader
5/11/19 2:07 p.m.

I can remember an old car manual, to test brakes, you need to drive down a deserted gravel road, apply the brakes firmly, then measure the length of each "skidmark"... Adjust until they are all about equal.

ChrisTropea Associate Editor
1/1/21 10:58 a.m.

Saving this for when I get my Beetle running. 

300zxfreak Reader
1/1/21 6:05 p.m.

In reply to keithedwards :

Sounds like the hack on Phantom Works who thinks a good brake test is to just lock up all four corners and call it good to go.........

Karl_M New Reader
1/2/21 9:55 a.m.

I replaced my old brake fluid-soaked asbestos-lined drum brake shoes on all 4 wheels with modern (ceramic?) lined shoes. WOW! What a difference!  I'm almost safe in traffic!  

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