Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
7/1/14 1:00 p.m.

When we started our Typhoon project car, we had just returned from the Classic Motorsports Mitty event. At this event, one of our vendors, Evapo-Rust had given us a one gallon jug of their concentrated product to try out.

We were skeptical, but with all the rusty parts we received with our Typhoon, we were willing to try just about anything.

Damned if this stuff doesn’t work! We started with a few small parts, like a very rusty engine pulley and left it in the solution overnight, as the directions suggested. It somehow came out looking nearly new. No metal was removed either, as it is when bead blasting. And of course, there is no work. Just drop the part in and wait 1-12 hours, depending on how rusty the part is.

The instructions said to pick your container and mix the gallon of concentrate with six gallons of water. We figured a big plastic tub would fit various sized parts pretty well. We later switched to a shallower tub for different sized parts.

We ended up putting just about every part we had in this solution, rinsed them off with water and then dried them.

We are now believers in this product and plan on using it as part of our regular restoration process. Check it out for yourself on the Evapo-Rust website.

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