Carl Heideman
Carl Heideman
1/7/09 4:12 p.m.

Thinking about buying your first classic two-seat sports car? If you are, and you ask 10 classic-car specialists which one to buy—as we did in a recent issue of Classic Motorsports—if the answers you get are anything like ours, then three of the 10 will recommend the MGB as their first choice, and the MGB will make the top-10 list of every one of them.

Why is the MGB such a favorite with classic-car hobbyists? The answer is simple: It is good-looking, fun to drive and easy to maintain. These are the same reasons the MGB, with a few changes, was successful in the new-car market for nearly two decades. Today, good examples are easy to find, inexpensive to buy and are backed by a fantastic network of MGB enthusiasts to provide support and share the fun of ownership.

What do you need to know and what should you look for when buying an MGB? We’ll be happy to explain.

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