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theshopeac New Reader
1/7/11 2:02 p.m.

In reply to Andy Reid:

Steering rack, pedal box, and flipping the dash, Dash is probably the easiest part, prime time to convert it to a wood face. Wiring would likely flip, or easy enough to modify. Rack is triumph based, but I can't remember which car. I do know that inner tie rods are not a direct crossover to a TR6 or the like. The column shaft passes through a bearing welded to the chassis, again, easy enough to do. I never changed a pedal box and cannot remember where they are from. Then there are brake lines, but that stuff is just details really. Still, not an impossible job, especially with the resources available. Looks like a nice car, and really rare here.

Jesse in DC

JeffT New Reader
1/7/11 5:46 p.m.

I suggest you check the cars at www.wirewheel.com

My TVR is a pre M or TVR 2500 which has the TR6 drivetrain. I bought the car three years ago as a low mileage original car. No rust on the chassy, I have spent the last three years restoring the car in an attempt to get the most out of it (I run with the Lotus Club). Almost done.

The poor build quality point. It depends on your objective. When your doing 30 it feels like 50. Not a luxury ride, more of a sporting ride.

With the TR6 drivetrain you will have the same issues as the TR6.

I agree it is like a Lotus in one way... buy the best one you can find. If you buy a cheap car you will end up spending the money anyway getting the car in shape.

If you intend to put a V8 in the car your going to have to upgrade everything else. Tranny, rear end, suspension, brakes.

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