Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
6/23/11 11:58 a.m.

After yet another thrash to get an old car ready to do new car-type things, we brought our Project Tiger to the Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals and displayed it there for the weekend. After that, we drove it some 250 miles to upstate New York for the start of the New England 1000 rally. On our first day of the rally, we encountered a torrential rainstorm.

Unfortunately, the wiper switch decided to start working intermittently on this very day. We limped through the storm with a good coat of Rain-X and put the wiper switch on our repair list. From there, we had no further problems and even drove the Tiger home to Florida—a 130-mile journey from upstate New York.

A stop at the Shelby American Automobile Club National Convention on the way home was a lot of fun. We made it home safe, although we were a little tired and hot after driving through the South with no air conditioning for a couple days.

Up next, we’ll fix the Tiger’s wipers and most likely get it ready for the Going To The Sun Rally in September.

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