steved033 None
4/8/08 8:12 p.m.

TVR 2800's intrigue me. the 3500's intriuge me. 280i's...not so much.

I've considered selling the porsche and starting the search for an engineless one "barn find" kinda car for either a BMW engine swap or a V8 swap. heck, I'd like a stock one...

so, teach me about TVR's.


steved033 None
4/8/08 8:13 p.m.

for instance...


Shinsen774 None
4/8/08 8:19 p.m.

You need to talk to Marshall aka Mr. TVR in Roanoke, Virginia. He's the TVR parts man and TVR club President.

This is a photo of him from October, 2007.

4/9/08 6:40 a.m.

Not a big fan of the 2500M (WAY too heavy immasculated TR6 engine up front causing handling issues like it did in the TR6... and I'm a TR6 owner) which was a TVR compromise because their preferred (and much stronger) Ford Essex 3L V6 was not Federalized. Makes a nice noise though.

The early wedge shaped 280i cars seemed to have some teething issues and were only a 4sp... but the cars were pretty much sorted and very desirable by the Rover V8 powered 350i... which came out just after TVR stopped US sales. There are a handful here.

In the UK these cars are not seen as desriable as the later V8 TVR cars and as such are a great deal, but the oldest of them are just now 25 years old and importable. I'm only waiting for the dollar to rebound a little before picking one up for about $5000-7000 and importing it...

I wouldn't turn down a previous generation Euro-spec 3000 either... though I prefer an open car and those are rarer.


4/21/08 11:35 a.m.

Hmm, 2100 lbs, perfect 50/50 weight distribution, tube frame, and yes, heavy TR-6 engine. However, it works a lot better in this car than in the TR-6, and the 2500M can accept a wide variety of engines and engine configurations. But mine is just getting the old tractor engine built and tuned up to 170hp, which is enough to make it extremely fun to drive. I guess I don't agee.

steved033 None
4/22/08 11:55 a.m.

truthfully, fast is fun, but i've just been "enjoying the ride" lately. the MGB is totally fun, and if it gets sold I can dump money into the healey, then that will be fun.


3/10/14 9:55 a.m.

I'll take the AH Bj8, or Martins, Taimars , just a little less enthused about the Tasmins though . I've been away from British cars for a while being in Az for the last 25 years has left me wanting but much to warm to the dive back into them, but I'm ready now .Any tips on where I may snag one will certainly be appreciated from one and all. I can be reached at 602.268-1462 h. 602.502-1073 c. or bes

TxCoyote Reader
3/11/14 8:37 p.m.

I had a Tasmin for many years and it truly sucked with the V6 Euro Ford, CIS Injection that never ran right and the badly geared 4 speed. But, when I swapped in a Rover 3500, and a T-5 it became my second most favorite car ever. Granted it cost me a fortune to make the swap but once all the many bugs were worked out and we rewired the entire car (TVR wiring is beyond pathetic) it was silly fast and just an absolute hoot to drive. If you are over 6', the Tasmin is the only car that will fit you reasonably well. Trevor Wilkinson and Peter Wheeler were much like Collin Chapman in that they only built cars for little fellers'.

wspohn Reader
3/12/14 10:31 a.m.

Raced a 1963 Grantura Mk 3 for years. 1700 lbs. and MG power = fun.

tr8todd HalfDork
3/15/14 12:43 p.m.

I had a 280i. Started out looking at older models but quickly came to the realization that the 280i was a car you could live with every day. I had no major issues with the car other than a rear wheel bearing that proved almost impossible to find. I loved the car. My wife loved the car. If I were to get another TVR, it would be a M chassis Vixen. Then I'd install a nice 302 and a T5. It would be a car you could only drive when the weather was cool. In the summertime, those early closed cars are hot. FWIW there is a MGB powered Vixen around the corner from my house just sitting at the end of the driveway. I ask the guy every year if he is ready to sell it yet, and every year he says he is going to restore it. The only work I ever see going on there involves his ever increasing collection of beat up Harleys littering the back yard.

TeamEvil Reader
3/16/14 7:22 p.m.

You had TWO 280is, remember this one?

Small block Chevy powered, probably never should have sold it . . .

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