Colin Wood
Colin Wood Associate Editor
12/1/20 9:30 a.m.

Pikes Peak may currently have a fully paved road that reaches the peak, but that wasn’t the case back in 1957. At that time, the only way to the top involved a rough dirt road.

However, Chevrolet wanted to make the challenge of reaching the top of Pikes Peak even harder by having two of its production trucks make the climb without the use of any roads–like, at all.

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trucke SuperDork
12/1/20 1:43 p.m.

That is a cool video.  Got to drive the FX16 up there back in 1993.  Dirt road most of the way.  Flat out in second gear was 25 mph near the top.  

Got to do it again this year.  Let the wife drive as I have already done it.  Now its $15 a person to drive up the paved road.  The views are spectacular!


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