jr02518 Reader
7/5/18 11:48 p.m.

First the car.  This is an early chrome bumper example.  Resprayed only one time in 1974, from the stock blue'ish turquoise to black. There is some rust on the lower panel joints, just enough to let you know there's more.  The chassis is surprisingly clean, a testament to the years it has lived in a garage.  The motor is three years from a complete $4300 refresh.  What kills me is the oil looks like he never been changed from the rebuild and the radiator has no visible coolant in it.

That and the battery is flat, in so many ways "Thank God".  But, I feel compelled to make an offer to rescue yet an other odd ball English mill stone.  My list includes a 1965 Ford Cortina GT, Series 1, a 1973 Jaguar XJ-12 and a 1959 Sunbeam Alpine with a Tiger drive train.  

This time I will be on the search for taller rims n' tires as the supply of 13's is thin on the ground and with the stock gearing I have a better chance of running with modern traffic.  The twin cam in the car is rated at 140 h.p., the car is 2100 lbs, the chassis looks to have been designed in 1960 and I look forward to calling Huffaker to see if they have any suggestions.

I will not bother with the paint or body work.  Patina, well earned.  The offer I will make might not end up with the car but at the end of the day I am once again willing to spend what some wants for their car but only willing to step into the abyss for a third of that number.  Yea, that's what I keep telling my self.


wspohn Dork
7/8/18 6:36 p.m.

Early chrome bumper is nice, but the downside is that it has the old style 4 speed Sunbeam trans rather than the Mk 2 Getrag 5 speed.

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