Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
6/14/00 3:22 p.m.

Our project TR3 is up and running and ready to make its public debut at Mid-Ohio on June 22-25 for the SVRA MG/Triumph Challenge. On April 21, our 1957 TR3 took to the race track for the first time since 1966. This private outing at Road Atlanta proved two things: first, the old girl has still got it; and second, while she might have plenty of engine, she was a little short on brakes.

As is standard practice in vintage racing today, we converted the heavy, early-style TR3 calipers to TR6 units and replaced the rare 10-inch rear drums with more common nine-inch Alfin drums. The brakes are now up to the rest of this car's abilities. Stories on this car are currently being featured in our "Safety Fast" series of GRM articles. Our April 2000 issue carried some background on the car, and the sport of vintage racing in general, while the June issue tackled the nitty gritty of safety equipment installation. The October 2000 issue will cover performance mods made to the car.

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