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Pete Gossett (Forum Supporter)
Pete Gossett (Forum Supporter) MegaDork
1/19/22 8:31 p.m.

In reply to AnthonyGS (Forum Supporter) :

I did similar mileage in a 2nd Gen Fit for a year or so. It's not a luxury car, but once I got the seats & arm rests worn in to fit my body it wasn't bad. 

After my wife took over the Fit, I did the same driving in an 07 Accent. It definitely wasn't as nice, but I also didn't have to worry about keeping it nice, which was nice. 

Now? I'd be tempted to get a Prius & keep my money in the bank. Though something like a FiST or GTI would be tempting too. 

dculberson MegaDork
1/19/22 8:37 p.m.

What about a v6 Mustang? 30mpg highway, complaint ride, comfy seats, sporting pretentions. I enjoyed the couple i test drove. The 2011+ I mean, the ones with 300hp and decent mileage. 


11GTCS Dork
1/19/22 8:40 p.m.

In reply to John Welsh :

Ford Fusion hybrids in Titanium trim have all the bells and whistles including heated and cooled front seats.  I rented one and put 1,300 plus miles on it “commuting” to various national parks and scenic places using Las Vegas as a base in November of 2018.   Real world 40-42 MPG at highway speeds.   Some trunk space is lost to the batteries vs. a standard Fusion.   The hybrid system will use battery power when it’s available, of the roughly 160 miles on the return trip from Zion NP to Las Vegas the car ran over 50 miles in electric mode and a lot of that was at 75-80 MPH.  

John Welsh
John Welsh Mod Squad
1/19/22 8:44 p.m.

In reply to dculberson :

Excellent choice!

pointofdeparture UltimaDork
1/19/22 8:56 p.m.

I did a commute like that for about two years. I rotated in a few different cars: Volvo 855R, BMW 528it, and Fit Sport. My longest stint was with the Fit. The Volvo was probably the best suited car for the job, but it and the BMW got abysmal fuel economy and were expensive to run. The Fit was a great vehicle all around and solved the fuel economy problem, but it was terrible at 80MPH on the freeway for an hour plus twice a day. I'm 6'3" and 185lbs so YMMV on the seats (I disliked), but even aside from that, it was a very buzzy experience (I had a manual and as previously noted the manual gearing is NOT ideal for the freeway).

I know you want something fun and interesting. I get it, I really do. But believe me, it will feel like work after a while, and you will come to associate that fun and interesting car with work and want to be minimally involved with it.

You really want to prioritize your comfort, because you'll be spending a LOT of time in this thing, and your running costs (including but not limited to fuel economy), because that directly correlates to the money in your pocket and at the end of the day this whole ordeal is for work!

Were I to do it all over again I would probably seek out a used Lexus hybrid or a high-spec Prius.

Wally (Forum Supporter)
Wally (Forum Supporter) MegaDork
1/19/22 9:08 p.m.

I don't know how comfortable I would be with a Miata. Most of my coworkers have long commutes and almost all been hit at least once. One coworker that had a Miata didn't fare well. 

ShinnyGroove (Forum Supporter)
ShinnyGroove (Forum Supporter) HalfDork
1/19/22 9:12 p.m.

I've had stretches of my life where I had long commutes, and I realized that a crappy drive in a fun car is still a crappy drive.  The drive was least sucky in cars that were big, quiet and comfortable.

I just got an ND2 RF Miata last week, and I'm still in the honeymoon phase and love almost everything about it.  But based on the 500 mile trip I took in it last week, if I had to commute 150 miles a day in it, I would quickly learn to loathe it.  Seats always vary from person to person, but these are just not that comfortable for long trips.  Almost no lumbar support and minimal padding under my butt, I was constantly shifting and adjusting myself. The hard top is definitely quieter than a ragtop, but it's nothing I would call quiet- still lots of wind noise.  Fortunately I barely noticed the wind noise over the road noise, because there's no soundproofing in the chassis at all.  I fit fine at 6'0 190lb, but I definitely don't have a lot of room to spread out.  There is comically little storage in the cabin for all your stuff; no door pockets, no glove box, no cubbies in the dash.  There's a space under the arm rest that's barely big enough for some aviator sunglasses, and an odd shaped box in the wall behind your seat that's hard to reach when you're driving.  The cupholder situation is 50% better than an NA Miata, which means that it's still bad compared to any other car.  You're basically invisible to trucks and big SUV's, who are constantly swerving into you.  Quick steering and short wheelbase is a lot less fun when you just want to go 80mph in a straight line.

I think the Camry/Avalon Hybrid suggestion is the best.  Fair prices for the used ones, very nice places to be for long periods of time, dead reliable.

AnthonyGS (Forum Supporter)
AnthonyGS (Forum Supporter) SuperDork
1/19/22 9:36 p.m.

In reply to dculberson :

The V6 mustangs are priced well.  I was thinking ecoboost might get better mileage but they are overpriced IMO.

AnthonyGS (Forum Supporter)
AnthonyGS (Forum Supporter) SuperDork
1/19/22 9:40 p.m.

In reply to matthewmcl :

My commute route has a high speed longer option or low speed scenic option with less miles.  Time is the same either way.  

OHSCrifle UltraDork
1/19/22 9:57 p.m.

Another vote for Lexus, Camry or Avalon - of the hybrid variety.

Also - No way on compact class vehicles for that many miles every day. Not enough sound proofing. Compact car noise vibration and harshness would wear me out.  

Pete. (l33t FS)
Pete. (l33t FS) MegaDork
1/19/22 10:03 p.m.

In reply to OHSCrifle :

That is what was amazing about the S40.  It was a compact car that felt great to spend 600-1000 miles in, because the manufacturer treated it like it was a product to be proud of instead of a loss leader.

I'd be interested in a Lexus Yaris, or an Acura Fit (with a trunk), or an Infiniti... um.  

Actually, the G20 was an awesome car, kind of a refined Sentra SE-R from back when "Sentra SE-R" meant hot compact and not 300 credit score.

dj06482 (Forum Supporter)
dj06482 (Forum Supporter) UltraDork
1/19/22 10:05 p.m.

Don't forget the Lexus versions of the Toyota hybrids like the CT200H, etc. A quiet ride is important when you're spending that much time in it.

BlueInGreen - Jon
BlueInGreen - Jon UltraDork
1/19/22 10:08 p.m.

Somebody already said it, but 2012+ Focus if you can find one with a manual. It's small enough to be nimble if you want to have fun but also manages to feel like a solid bigger car on the highway.

Also, probably cheap to buy, sturdy, and efficient.

scottdownsouth HalfDork
1/19/22 10:10 p.m.

I did 60+ miles for 8 years in a few different cars at my old job..08 Honda fit is ok one the back roads at 60mph...on the interstate it's not that great.  Late model s10 extended cab was ok but 21 mpg was optometric. 02 vw golf tdi was the bomb.  50+ mpg at 60 or 90mph and still sporty. 

Whatever you get, look at it as your living room cause thats where your going to be living.

Pete. (l33t FS)
Pete. (l33t FS) MegaDork
1/19/22 10:13 p.m.

In reply to dj06482 (Forum Supporter) :

A surprisingly large part of having a quiet ride is getting a car with a trunk.  Hatches and wagons are useful, but they also echo an amazing amount of road noise inside the cabin.

mtn MegaDork
1/19/22 10:22 p.m.

2 cars. One that's some version of a midsizeish or larger hybrid, which opens you up to everything from a Civic hybrid to a Prius or Avalon on the obvious answers, to an MKZ or Highlander on the less obvious. Or a Lexus GS hybrid if your budget allows. 

And another car that is either a Miata or a C5 Corvette. 

I might consider the GS hybrid as my only vehicle though. 

OHSCrifle UltraDork
1/20/22 5:55 a.m.

It's amazing how driving a small economy car for several years makes you numb to the engine, tire and wind noise. I did it for 2 decades and never gave it a second thought until I took a trip in a friend's Lexus.. and then when I climbed back into my civic I finally realized what I was missing. 

Depends on your wallet to pain tolerance ratio. 

SKJSS (formerly Klayfish)
SKJSS (formerly Klayfish) PowerDork
1/20/22 6:21 a.m.

As you can see, there are a lot of great options.  I mentioned my vote earlier, which is Prius.  My commute is 65 miles each way, but thankfully I only have to do it once a week.  Seems the general consensus is that with that long of a commute a tiny econobox is a bad choice, even if it's as nice of a car as the Fit.  Get something a bit bigger and enjoy your commute instead of suffering through it.

kevinatfms HalfDork
1/20/22 7:35 a.m.

2017+ Elantra GT/Sport/N-Line.

1.6L turbocharged, 201hp, IRS rear, comfortable seats and a ton of standard tech items. Also choice of DCT or 6 speed.

bigeyedfish Reader
1/20/22 8:12 a.m.

In reply to OHSCrifle :

This is why I try to avoid nice things.  Way less complaints when you don't know what you're missing.

MrChaos UltraDork
1/20/22 8:22 a.m.

Camry Hybrid

Avalon Hybrid

Rav4 Hybrid

Maverick Hybrid

My commute is 80 miles round trip but I am now only doing it 2-3 times a week so I have my Gladiator Diesel.

STM317 UberDork
1/20/22 8:33 a.m.

For comfort, reliability, and fuel efficiency:

1) Toyota/Lexus hybrid (The bigger the better)

2) Ford/Lincoln hybrid

For fun to drive:

1) V6 Mustang

2) Focus ST

3) New Caprice (although most will be over 100k miles)

tuna55 MegaDork
1/20/22 8:40 a.m.

I'm sorry but the answer is Bolt. A Tesla 3, Kona or Niro if you don't like the Bolt. I only charge at home, and though my commute is much shorter than yours (80 miles round trip), it can easily make that happen. Do the math on $/mile before proceeding. You will be shocked.

SKJSS (formerly Klayfish)
SKJSS (formerly Klayfish) PowerDork
1/20/22 8:48 a.m.
tuna55 said:

I'm sorry but the answer is Bolt. A Tesla 3, Kona or Niro if you don't like the Bolt. I only charge at home, and though my commute is much shorter than yours (80 miles round trip), it can easily make that happen. Do the math on $/mile before proceeding. You will be shocked.

Good one!

Aaron_King PowerDork
1/20/22 8:54 a.m.

As long as a manual is not required I would go with the Lexus Prius.  It looks much better than a Prius while keeping all of the pluses of the Prius.


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