rhenry01 New Reader
12/19/20 9:03 p.m.

Hi everyone! The $2020 Challenge eligible R53 MINI is complete and we have turned out attention to the unloved Corolla! Matt and I have filmed and intro video and the first Episode for "Project Crunchy-Rolla"

Crunchy is my direct response to Matt's '85 Celica GT which we are also filming an intro and first episode for. I feel a race between these two cars is in their future. As long as we keep these '80s icons on a strict budget we can both qualify for the 2021 (probably 2022) Challenge!

Check out the videos, If you enjoy please drop a like. If you want to see more please Subscribe to the "WrenchMine" YouTube channel.

Yes, that's me driving in the opening of Episode 1, there was a bit of upholstery picking in the pit area after that!


Crunchy's Intro Video: 


Episode 1: 


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