keethrax HalfDork
3/12/13 8:29 a.m.

After helping a co-worker track down some ABS issues about a week ago, I decided it would be sweet to get a code reader of my own since it seems like I end up in a situation where it would be handy to have one often enough to be worth the expense.

Since one of the uses will be tracking down which hub/wheel speed sensor the Pontiac ate this month it needs to be able to read our car. OK I exaggerate on the frequency, but I am on my third replacement set in front.

Of course as soon as I think that to myself, my wife comes home with "the ABS light's on in the Grand Prix again." No problem I think, I was looking to get a scanner anyhow, and now it'll be an easier sell to SWMBO...

But when I look at the consumer grade Actron/Innova/etc units, they all seem to be listed as only reading the Grand Prix's from 2004 onward, while we have a 2000. Is there a cheap(ish) answer to this?

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