BoxheadTim MegaDork
7/11/19 9:12 a.m.

I've finally started working on my aircooled 911, and one of the first jobs I need to address is a wrong connector between segments of the heater piping that might allow exhaust fumes to enter the car.

The car has older-style SSI heat exchangers that are connected via flexible piping. The piping goes through a hole in the tinwork that separates the top and bottom engine bay into a rubber boot. The piece that goes into said rubber boot is a simple 90 degree exhaust pipe that's been expanded a little but not enough at the top:

That's with the jubilee clip around the rubber boot fully tight - you can see a sizeable gap.

Easy button for this it to hit up a local muffler shop in the hope that they can make me an appropriate connecting pipe out of a J/U bend piece of piping.

That said, if someone on here works with stainless or titanium exhaust piping and would be game to make me a neat adapter pipe out of stainless or titanium (hmm, pie cuts...) for an appropriate number of beer vouchers, please hit me up.

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