mikeatrpi HalfDork
11/27/19 7:09 a.m.

In my quest to find a winter setup for my 06 330i, I found a set of 17x8 wheels that the owner had on a 2013 335.  

My e90 has 18x8 et34 front, 18x8.5 et37 rear stock, and I believe 12x1.5 wheel bolts

The f30 takes 14x1.25 bolts... and the wheels for sale are aftermarket 17x8 et40 square setup.  


So my fronts will be 6mm more inboard, right?  And the rears are 1/2" wider, about 6mm, meaning they'll also be 37-(6/2)=34mm vs 40mm so 6mm more inboard too?  And then there's the wheel bolt topic, 14mm vs 12mm.  

I'm getting confused.  Will these fit?  Would you run 'em?

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