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Rodan SuperDork
7/28/21 9:55 a.m.
SkinnyG (Forum Supporter) said:


Keep everything else stock.

I seriously considered this before I sold my Bronco (351W).  If you can fabricate most of the plumbing, the budget isn't much different than heads/cam, etc.  if you go with Chinachargers.  You will need a standalone ECU, however, and there's also the question of whether the rest of the drivetrain is up to it.  Low end torque is good at breaking things, especially with big tires.

As to the shorty headers, if I were replacing a broken cast iron manifold, I would definitely use them.  After a lot of looking, I had settled on Brothers Performance, but ended up selling the Bronco before doing the exhaust.

The GT40 stuff was pretty good in the 90s, but is bringing really high prices these days.  More than it's worth, IMHO.

Adrian_Thompson (Forum Supporter)
Adrian_Thompson (Forum Supporter) MegaDork
7/28/21 10:14 a.m.

If you're looking for a 97+ Explorer in the junk yard, why not grab the whole long block?  The Explorer lower intake is basically an updated GT40 lower, and the cast Explorer upper manifold is actually better than the fabricated GT40 upper.  I know the guy who designed it, but unfortunately he passed away earlier this year.

While it's out swap to a towing cam and call it good.  

thatsnowinnebago UltraDork
7/28/21 10:37 a.m.

In reply to Adrian_Thompson (Forum Supporter) :

That's my loose plan if I keep this truck long enough to need a new motor. 

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