mdshaw New Reader
10/9/11 5:50 p.m.

I MS'd a carb'd CRX last year - fuel only - another huge MS success story & fun project. Sold the car & it's still tearing up the streets in Alabama somewhere on MS. Now I will be building another for a EJ20t in a 911.

Specific ?'s: 1. which version MS would be best for fuel, spark, boost? 2. anyone have fuel & spark tables to get started? 3. where to find sensor values - CTS & ATS? 4. is the timing control straight forward - ie.. are the Subaru coils easily controlled or what mods do I need to do to the MS to control them? 5. seems best to wire injectors & coils 1,2 together & 3,4 together - correct?

From my reading it seems I can run the coils in wasted spark & they have ignitors in the coil packs so it seems a straight forward deal. but not sure if they had other mods to MS to do this. Thanks for any info.
I searched alot in Google & found lots of info but some is getting old now & not sure if the newer MS makes this easier.

donalson SuperDork
10/9/11 7:01 p.m.

a lot will depend on what scobbie you're rocking...

DIYautotune has some good info but depends on what car you're rollin... is the only one scobbies and it's an old 1.8l (i think) turbo)

but based on what all you're wanting to do MS2 or MS3 sounds like where you want to go... lot more features and simplicity when comes to ignition setup

best thing is to read the mega manual top to bottom and do lots of research :)... when you add ignition to MS it complicates the install a lot vs just fuel

mdshaw New Reader
10/9/11 9:56 p.m.

Ya, I spent hrs trying different ignition setups with the MS1 but never could get it right since it was moving jumpers & changing components. I got the kit from diyautotune. I finally went back to the vacuum dizzy & optimized cold start, hot start & running & was great.

donalson SuperDork
10/9/11 10:33 p.m.

I was lucky... I used MS1 but there is A LOT of documentation on the stock ignition...

so what car are you looking to MS?

EvanB SuperDork
10/10/11 12:07 a.m.
mdshaw wrote: Now I will be building another for a EJ20t in a 911.
MadScientistMatt Dork
10/10/11 7:35 a.m.

There's a lot of different Subie variations out there, but all post-distributor versions pretty much need MS2 or later if you want to use the stock trigger wheels. Does this one have a 6 tooth or a 30 tooth trigger on the stock crank pulley?

jpnovak New Reader
10/10/11 1:18 p.m.

Just came home from the $2011 Challenge with a squirted EJ20 914. Was running great until I spun a bearing and seized the motor before taking any runs.

MS2 V3.0 board (need proto area) Zeal board for cam signal conditioning MS2-Extra Code I installed the MS board inside factory ECU housing and I used all factory Suby wiring. If you are installing in a 911 then start from scratch.

What motor are you running? The 6/7 trigger wheel has issues that are solvable. The STI 36-1 wheel is much easier to install.

MS can run the stock ignitor. There are mods required to run coil packs or drive the wasted spark coil directly.

There are known solutions and circuits to integrate boost control, knock sensor, and just about every other feature you need.

My EJ20G does not have an IAT. The IAT is part of the MAF that I eliminated. I used a GM sensor. There are numbers in the MSExtra archives for the CLT calibration.

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