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Cchambers13 New Reader
8/16/21 12:27 p.m.

I'll 2nd the get a commuter idea. The newer DEF diesels just don't like short trips, I had a new 2015 Ram for a couple years as a tow rig/commuter but I had a 60mi commute on the highway so it got good and warm every day and got 40k miles on it a year. Only used DEF from fresh boxes, which apparently was important. My father had a 14 Ram he used bulk DEF from a station once and had DEF issues until trading it in on a 20 Ram.

After 2 years got weary of emissions and hated the payment to value ratio when my 99 7.3 Super Duties would out tow it and didn't have a lingering $4k emissions bill at any time. Ended up trading a 2 year old truck in on a 97 F350 Powerstroke and have loved it the 4 years I've been driving it.

To do it again I'd happily take a gas 3/4-1ton truck without the worry of diesel emissions, I tow under 12k lbs so realistically a newer half ton would be fine but I like solid axles. That gets us into the "everyone who tows anything needs a 3/4-1T truck" which is the norm now... 

MotorsportsGordon Dork
8/16/21 5:55 p.m.

In addition now modern diesels require u to buy and fill up with diesel exhaust fluid another part of the emissions equipment. This can be bought in canisters or at the diesel pumps. From my understanding exhaust fluid at the pump is about the same price per litre as the actual diesel.

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