jr02518 HalfDork
3/17/20 6:18 p.m.

Yes, I'm stuck at home watching the 14 year old stay out of trouble.  This is only day two and it might not end up well, for me.  I have free time to surf the web and look at race cars.

What two days with BMWCCA and completing the NASA race driving class are reminding that:

1. You can by a race car.

2. You can work on a race car.

3. You can drive a race car.

4. You can race a race car and unless you are willing to stick it ware it might belong in a race , wad it up then start over at #1. Or not, go "rubbing is racing".

I have been spending to much time and effort on my BMW E30 GT2 car to go "all in with #4".  Even with the no contact rule enforced, self enforced to be honest, I am at that point of rethinking how I go forward.  Driving the car in Solo2 has been an exercise in "what if's" and finding things to fix.   Both are a solid plus at a cost much lower than finding them in 4th going into "Sunset" at Buttonwillow,  so far.   

Yes, I can return to the world of TT and fine tune the line through the corner but I will miss the work of getting done with a corner off line and sticking it.   It's only money, right?  With a lot of time and effort to get it past tech.

What class?      


Andrewsky New Reader
3/18/20 12:06 a.m.

I am sure you are heading to car accessories. LOL 

Tom1200 Dork
3/18/20 10:58 a.m.

Not sure what you're asking but I'll put this up.

I do two race weekends a year and four tracks days. I also run 6-8 autocrosses a year. The race weekends are enough to fill the itch to complete a pass but are few enough that I don't get complacent cause I've made that move dozens of times before. Keep in mind I'm a guy that's only been to Buttonwillow once and I was already passing guys on the outside of sweeper in the first session..............so I'm not exactly the picture of restraint but I do find a mixed schedule keeps me grounded.

Since you have an E30 you could switch over to vintage as the no contact rule is even more in play.

(full disclosure I run with VARA but I realize vintage may not be for everyone).

jr02518 HalfDork
3/18/20 12:32 p.m.


Thank you for the input and it does help.  The Cal Club Auto cross schedule normally runs on a monthly basis and I have completed the VARA-U up to bringing my E30.  VARA is at a crossroads with the newer "Vintage" cars and they do have a class I can run in.

To date I have been on the track with cars that have enough power to "run away and hide" from most other cars in my group.  Auto crossing allows me to work a car at a lower speed.  I would admit that combining the two is giving me some pause. In a "racing" environment. 

I have reached out to friend that does have a road racer and will follow up with him on a "rental" bases.  My intent with this is some times what you start out with, when finding a car and what you do with it, change.  Not sell, just find a group to run with.




Tom1200 Dork
3/18/20 2:02 p.m.

I have two cars eligible for VARA; The Datsun 1200 which I run in C-sedan with the 1200 motor and GTL (catch all class) and I also intend (entered the April event but it's canceled) to run my 1987 F500 which other than one track days has been an autocross car.

With the the 1500cc motor in the Datsun I could run neat the front (5th) in the small bore group but get slaughtered by the 2.0 liter cars when I'm in the B-sedan group (drive my ass off to get in the top 10) but it doesn't matter becuase I just race whatever cars are around me.  Last may myself and a friend along with a new driver had a glorious battle for 16th place. It was one of the most fun races I've ever had. we gave each other lots of space and passed and repassed each other numerous times.

With the F500 I'm going to be in with the wings and slicks group; most of the winged cars will leave me but I should have some good dices with the sports 2000 and Toyota sports racer guys.


ddavidv PowerDork
3/19/20 6:13 a.m.

I raced an E30 for a couple years. The rush is hard to give up but my finances said, "This is not something you should be doing much".

After a fellow competitor got his car totaled by a lapped car I became even more financially paranoid. Sold the car before it got wrecked.

I instruct/do HPDE's and have considered TT. None of it is the same and it all still carries risk. Summary:  I feel you but don't have an answer.

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