mbmsg New Reader
12/4/09 7:30 p.m.

This is far from the hard core engine swap questions that usually fill the board. But if anybody would know the answer it would be somebody on this board.

I own a 06 Pilot, bought with 6 cd player no nav. Mrs. MB wants Nav. So i can buy a standalone unit and let it slide around the dash and interior till it breaks for a 100.00 bucks or less nowadays. I would really like it to be in dash. So I found a 06 pilot factory nav unit in a junk yard for 150.00 with the code and warrentied to work for 90 days.

Question: Is it as easy as taking out old radio/cd unit and slide this unit in? is a special antenna needed?

I would assume the wiring harness would be plug and play. Anybody out there know what it would take to perform a swap like this?


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