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accordionfolder Dork
5/24/19 3:16 p.m.

In reply to Keith Tanner :

Fair! And I wasn't knocking the v8 Miata, just the comparison, but like you said - it's all a bunch of words and I certainly have no plan to try and make it real! 


Well - mostly - there is another guy who did a cloraplast front end on his Exocet (that blue one that was recently for sale) and it was good for ~ 5 seconds( or maybe he said 8?? I'll have to look up the thread) at RA (that back straight is awful for us aerodynamically challenged folks)  - I think that's a winter project I would do!

accordionfolder Dork
5/24/19 3:25 p.m.
accordionfolder said:

In reply to Keith Tanner :

... I wonder if the exovette would lose some of that fun? Without a full body you're never going to be the absolutely fastest with an exo car's aero disadvantage, but the cost to speed for an average exocet makes it great. Not sure if the c5 based car sweet spot/fiz factor still.

And I agree with you both 100% - this was what I said earlier in the thread.

Zeitgeist Reader
5/24/19 7:49 p.m.

As someone who had an Exocet and sold it last year to then move on to a C5 Z06 I am glad there is an Exovette for those that want it.  I think each vehicle (Miata, Exocet,C5 and Exovette ) all have their pros and cons.  As long as the builder/buyer recognizes what each has to offer and builds or buys accordingly they should be happy.  Choose incorrectly and just like any project or modified vehicle and it won't be a value or fun.


I sold my Exocet because living in midwest weather limited the times I could drive it reasonably due to weather.  early spring, late fall and any serious threat of rain and things became less fun or I didn't go.  

Some other Exocet issues were the already discussed poor aero, the side bar intrusion was a real issue.  The registration to make it road legal was also an issue but that is state dependent and not a factor if it is just a track only car.

My Zo6 (LS2, ported heads,cam,headers,intake,exhaust, Square set up 315 Hoosiers) is faster everywhere than my Exocet (obviously) but each car has it's character and fun.  I took my Zo6 to Waterford and I could hardly use full throttle except 2 spots and then only briefly.  The Exocet is at home there.  At Mid Ohio I was hitting just over 120 in the Exocet and being passed by everyone even cars that weren't visible as I left the keyhole in the mirrors.  In the Zo6 I am reaching 145+ braking early (poor pad choice) and only passed by a tube frame Vette powered homebuilt (Mid engined) and GT1 tube frame C6 with lots of aero.

In the end I am driving the Zo6 through 4 states for the Hot Rod Power Tour this year, my wife doesn't mind riding in, getting in or out of it and rain and cooler weather isn't an issue anymore.  Oh and I can register it online without issue plus same for insurance.  

None of that changes the joy and experience of stripping the Miata to the last bolt, building a different car from parts and boxes nor the joy of the first start, the first drive and running with cars that are much more expensive and/or that someone bought not built themselves.

Find what you want and enjoy.



jwagner New Reader
5/24/19 11:50 p.m.

While the Exo* has lousy aero and will never match a wind tunnel optimized sports car, I think it could be made a lot better with some basic front aero, side panels, etc. which wouldn't add a lot of weight and hopefully add some balanced downforce.  This discussion got my curiosity up and I dug through some old track data.  My NC which probably made about 180HP in a 2440lb car ran 12 MPH faster at the end of the fastest straight than my 260HP 1580lb Exocet. 

Moving back on topic...  The adrenalin stoking experience of a high powered Miata-based go kart is what the Exocet is all about, and it works really well on short tracks.  The C5 would make a much stouter platform to begin with, and it sounds like it would improve the F/R balance, which is an issue in the Exocet.  Makes me look at the C5 in the garage and wonder...

jmc14 Reader
5/25/19 5:19 a.m.

I love Miata's and I love Vette's.  My hobby is building unique cars using parts from them.  I think the Exocet is cool.  The same concept with C5 parts makes sense to me. 

I've posted this car before.  I built an aluminum tub to which the C5 suspension cradles bolted into.  I kept the C5's stock wheelbase but shortened the torque tube and moved the engine rearward by 23 inches.  I put in a new LS6 engine. It had the 6 speed manual transaxle. 

I built an aluminum fuel tank that mounted from the bottom into the center of the car.  It was U shaped and wrapped around the torque tube.  I then made simple fiberglass panels that bolted on that were inspired by a Tbucket.  This allowed me to register the car as a street rod.  Made that process simple. 

The car weiged 1640lbs.  If my memory is correct it had 62% rear weight. It was an awesome and fun drive.  I took it to Gateway racetrack for a 3 event track days event. (I had a good roll  bar in the car for the event.)  Road racing, drag racing and autocross.  It did very well. 

Then I made a 2 piece fiberglass body that fit the same chassis.  It was simple to put either body on.  The day I finished the full body I had it in my trailer and was visiting a company that has some  of my molds for plastic parts for a product that I manufacture and sell. The owner of the company saw the car in the trailer and asked for a ride.  After the ride he made me an offer that I couldn't refuse.  I've regretted selling it every day. It's in his collection of Vette's.  I've been trying to build a car to replace it ever since.  I'm finally finishing the replacement. 



Gingerbeardman Reader
5/26/19 3:46 a.m.


nderwater UltimaDork
6/10/20 8:11 p.m.

Me too.  Have any updates?

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