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Gearheadotaku PowerDork
3/31/16 3:43 p.m.
fasted58 wrote: Just seen a '90 IROC-Z 1LE sell on Barret-Jackson for $45K.

1990 was a very short production run. they started 1991 models in Jan of 1990.

chada75 Reader
3/31/16 9:08 p.m.
Streetwiseguy wrote: Players Challenge series up here. I miss tobacco sponsorship. http://www.thirdgen.org/forums/history-originality/146806-if-you-have-players-3.html

Thats so much win its not even funny.

Cotton UberDork
3/31/16 11:38 p.m.
Streetwiseguy wrote: Front suspension is similar to the Fox mustang. Lower control arm with spring in pocket, strut with no spring around it, lots of camber adjustment available. I have a 82 Z28. In 82, it was one of the best handling cars in the world. Really. Brakes were iffy, but the later 1le package helped there, at least a bit. The 145 hp 305 got a cam and intake 3 months after I bought it new, then it hit the can in about 88, replaced with a 350 and a B&M 144 blower. The TH200 left in favour of a 700r4 in the 90's, and I modified an 8.5 to bolt in and built my own torque arm at the same time. It can still find its way around an autocross, has run 13.50's at the drag strip, and will get anywhere from 2 to 16 mpg. I think the next change is LS and efi, someday. I have most of the bits to go 5 speed, too. Mine has Konis, eibach springs, ST way bars, and the best non race tires I can find in a 16, because I really like the GTA wheels on it.

Now that's a bitchen camaro. I love it!

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