mdshaw New Reader
8/24/13 10:28 p.m.

Since I got my '76 Civic last year I've been preparing it for a D swap.

I was about to order a JDM D15B & then a co-worker was selling his 100% stock 2 owner '94 Civic EX 2 door 5 speed for $1200. I talked him down to $1000 due to a throw out bearing whine (which didn't matter to me anyways). That's why he sold it, he got a price of $600 to fix it.

I told my son about it, since he has been searching for a stock EG 2 door for quite a while., swap a B18 into. As we all know stock Hondas are really hard to find due to so many punks trying to swap 'em & drop 'em & wind up destroying them. When he saw it, he couldn't believe it. Plus it's red, his favorite color.

Anyways I've now got a great D16Z6, which just had the timing belt & water pump changed. It doesn't smoke, the valve train is sludge & varnish free. Plus I'm keeping ecu & selling the EX trans. Since I need cable & have a freshly built L3 Si cable lsd carbon syncro trans for it also. He's paying me $1000 for the car, minus those bits.

Since the motor is in such good condition, my plan is to only replace all the seals & gaskets except for the head gasket, new valve seals, send the cam to Delta cams for a 272 regrind, 7lb flywheel, stage 2 clutch etc. I also have a custom OBD1 harness ready for it. Just need to figure out where the ecu can go.

I still need to get the cvcc engine out & start fabbing up the motor mounts, which brings me to a question -

Does anyone know if the Bisimoto clone 4-1 header would clear the front subframe on the '76? Most likely some trimming will be required, as I read another 1 gen owner with a D16 trimmed it to fit a ebay tri Y header, but the 4-1 is different & I can't exactly tell from pics if it would work.

Here is the current status

sethmeister4 Dork
8/25/13 6:49 a.m.

I like the sounds of all of thread!

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