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Gasoline Reader
2/24/12 10:01 a.m.

I think the racer Crackerbox boats are pretty Grassroots.

Strizzo SuperDork
2/24/12 11:14 a.m.

In reply to mguar:

this was how a lot of the people we knew on the lake were. most with the means to buy the nice new toys rarely had the time to take them out and enjoy them.

slopecarver New Reader
2/24/12 12:21 p.m.

PWC's are not that GRM friendly but the price range for getting into them does have a top end unlike cars. I will go on to describe a old-school simple stand-up jet ski.

The engine in my 93' yamaha superjet is worth $700-$800 and it's stock, a built shortblock would run a minimum of $2000, a sleeved, bored, and ported shortblock is about $5000 and that's for a 1000cc 2-cylinder 2-stroke engine with 5 moving components. The exhaust pipes top out at around $700. That being said there is like a tenth of the number of components that there is in a normal car. You can get near a top of the line carbon fiber 250lb 150hp standup jet ski that will do backflips on flat water and top out at 60mph for about $12,000

FlightService SuperDork
2/25/12 10:35 a.m.
MattGent wrote: Much of the less-expensive racing (APBA - OPC) has gone the way of the Dodo, but there is drag racing around. When I was a kid my dad raced a 15' runabout with a stock 75hp outboard. There are still pockets of it around, http://www.tcpba-racing.com/tcpba/ runs a class called VP75 which fits the ticket.

If you want to tunnel race it you can do the F3(old SST60) tunnel boat for about $10K the first year (boat and all if you look hard) and about $4K a season after that if you are frugal. But your right the VP75 class is designed to be a grassroots, price point racing series. I have a motor if your interested.

Our old boats F3 (SST 60)

F2 (SST120 - Double the cylinders double the cost)

APR Superleague

Brett_Murphy Dork
2/25/12 9:35 p.m.
irish44j wrote: the main problem is that boat engines are ALOT more expensive than car engines. Especially if it's outboard,

I already have a boat with and I'm looking for a used lower for my 15 HP Mariner at the moment, since a used lower is only about $150 more than a new prop shaft by itself. I bought mine with a very slightly bent one and it works, but I'm tired of it vibrating.

Luckily, the motor I'd be looking to put on this boat wouldn't be more than 50 HP. That could run $5k new, or if my plan comes together, I'll get something like this:


and just share the engine with the run-about.

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