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6/24/23 12:36 a.m.

Guam Raceway is in trouble and barely avoiding getting closed.

There is a petition that anyone can sign and it will help save this place for the locals and military folk here on the island.

I went up there today to check it out and it is very very cool. 1/4 mile strip, an oval track, a big paved area for autocross and drifting, an offroad park, and more. It would make an IDEAL place to have a $2000 Challenge.

From their site:

Guam International Raceway

Since shortly after its construction began in 2000, the Guam International Raceway has opened its gates to our islands motorsports enthusiasts in 2002. Beginning with the Jose and Hermenia Calvo memorial Off-Road track, then a 1/4 mile drag strip, motorsports has had a place on Guam to call home.


For the 4x4 enthusiasts there is an obstacle course along with a side by side mud drag course that was built for mud slinging racing. For the high speed off road racers an off road portion that was intended to be Guam’s small version of the Baja 1000 has been built and continues to get bigger and tougher every year.  Offroad motorcycles, atv’s, and utv’s have a motocross course for riding and racing and is open 7 days a week 9am to 6pm to its GIRMAC members.


The facility also includes a quarter mile drag strip along with a paved quarter mile oval that have been added to the Raceway allowing for organized drag racing, drifting, autocross, car shows, super moto and a host of other events to take root.


The Guam International Raceway has and is being enjoyed by so many and is treasured by all those who come out to drive, ride, race and support. With an infrastructure that includes running water for the restrooms and for washing the mud off the machines before loading up and with electricity for night time lighting for those enthusiasts who ride, drive or race on those cool breezy Guam evenings.


The park is truly a comfortable family park with organized riding and racing for all ages all year round. International recognition of the events at the park along with many of our local enthusiasts has come from the hosting such events as the annual Smokin Wheels Racing Weekend along with high profile drifting and car shows. The events such as the annual Smokin Wheels have brought hundreds of participants from around the world to participate and to enjoy. The Guam International Raceway and Guam’s beauty along with its tropical climate has made it an enthusiast’s dream destination proving that sports tourism works for Guam.

The future is looking even brighter as the entire facility moves closer to completion of the rest of its facilities with a new drag strip along with a FIA Formula 3 level road circuit designed by world famous race track designer Michael McDonough of Mtrack.


I am not sure if there is anyone running the place now or how it works. Seems like folk just show up and use the space with respect.

It was put up on gifted land for the purpose of recreational use. I was told today that when it opened street racing pretty much went extinct. That is very cool. Well now the government wants to take it away. Yesterday they got an extension of their ability to use the area.

As I mentioned I went there to check the place out and find out where it was because I heard they still drift and there is supposed to be an autocross Sunday. Then tons of really cool cars started pouring in.

I ran into a bunch of local car enthusiasts who just happened to be meeting there for a funeral procession. I said that I had better beat feet and not get in the way but was told to stay as the guy they were celebrating loved cars and car people. They were all very cool. I left when the family showed up and just as one of them was taking the guys car for a burn out in memory of. The guy was Jimmy Mendoza and he was a huge influence on many of the younger guys on the island getting them off of the streets and to this place. He passed away due to health issues at 36. Here is a link to one of his cars: The Black Stallion 

The reception I got from his friends and hearing about their struggles keeping this place open made me want to help and get as many people to sign this as possible.

Please take a minute and help save a race park. Link is in the first sentence. 


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6/24/23 4:24 p.m.


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6/25/23 1:59 p.m.


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