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chandler UltimaDork
3/14/21 10:14 a.m.
Colin Wood said:
David S. Wallens said:
BoxheadTim (Forum Supporter) said:
David S. Wallens said:

For the first time in forever, we watched some Initial D--the Legend 1: Awakening movie. 

Suddenly I have an even greater need to put some Watanabes on the Miata. 

I may have checked if I can get Watanabes to fit the BRZ, but apparently I need a Bunny Rocket to make them fit or something.

That'd look pretty rad. 

You could also try some SSR Speed Stars or their Formula Mesh wheels for some old-school charm like on this FR-S:

Fellow here in town has a BRG frisbee with gold LMs. It's perfect

BoxheadTim MegaDork
7/30/21 4:53 p.m.

Let the semi-OT comments from me continue

That white GT86 in the Hot Version video rocks a set of Wats without any body mods:


The wants, they are strong.

Pete. (l33t FS)
Pete. (l33t FS) MegaDork
7/30/21 6:45 p.m.

In reply to BoxheadTim :

TIL that Best Motoring is still a thing.

Tsuchiya-sensei HAS to be dyeing his hair.

hoots04 New Reader
7/30/21 6:53 p.m.
nderwater UltimaDork
1/12/22 10:21 p.m.


nderwater UltimaDork
1/12/22 10:24 p.m.
Mndsm MegaDork
1/12/22 10:28 p.m.

In reply to nderwater :

What sorcery is this?

nderwater UltimaDork
1/12/22 11:32 p.m.
Apexcarver UltimaDork
1/13/22 8:18 a.m.

For those who might be into live action...  (its MUCH more campy than the animes)



Apexcarver UltimaDork
1/13/22 8:21 a.m.


I have a file with the full movie of this one knocking around an external harddrive somewhere from way back in college. The subtitles are TRUELY HEINOUS...  like "you are best in late summer autumn"...  

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
1/13/22 1:03 p.m.
Mndsm said:

In reply to nderwater :

What sorcery is this?

Anime sorcery. 

MrFancypants HalfDork
1/13/22 2:54 p.m.


hybridmomentspass HalfDork
1/13/22 5:16 p.m.

Years ago I got two or three of the books at a car show. One of them because it had a SW20 MR2 in it. But this was JDM goodness, I must buy (except it IS in English lol).

I read one, it had something about taping a hand to the steering wheel. Well, I read some of one. I lost interest. Cars are cool, but I didnt get into the story.

I DO have a little Initial D 86 toy car somewhere around here though.

j_tso HalfDork
1/13/22 5:54 p.m.

In reply to hybridmomentspass :

I found this video of the SW20 race recreated shot for shot with Asetto Corsa, it used to have the same soundtrack but that got taken down:


Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
1/13/22 6:19 p.m.

We had one of these cars AE-86 and donated it to SE Toyota to use for a shop class. Big mistake!


Pete. (l33t FS)
Pete. (l33t FS) MegaDork
1/13/22 6:24 p.m.

In reply to hybridmomentspass :

It's kind of a coming of age story, boy raised by single father, his girlfriend is essentially a prostitute and he gets mad if anyone implies that, which is also basically the only time he emotes in the whole series.  And that was a flashback.

(Ignoring Shinji pushing his car around, that made him mad too)

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