mgmike69 New Reader
11/10/09 11:22 a.m.

can any one enlighten me on the differences between an ita miata and a spec miata?is ita a viable class to run in?is ita a nationally recognized class?what types of cars typically run in the ita class?would a properly prepared miata be competitive or out classed?

mistanfo Dork
11/10/09 12:20 p.m.

Spec is very specific about many of the mods. ITA is much more open. Viable, yes. Runoffs, no. AARC, yes. Don't know. Properly prepared should do well, don't know anyone that has taken the time to properly prepare one though (it's been a couple years since I checked on this though).

pitbull113 New Reader
11/10/09 8:12 p.m.

in the sediv. ISC has a couple of ita miatas that are tearing things up. 2 or 3 time sarrc champs. i'm in the process of building an ita miata as we speak and i believe they are one of the better cars to have right now.

pitbull113 New Reader
11/10/09 8:15 p.m.

i should add that imo the 1.8 is the better car for ita but that might depend on the track.

toddgreene New Reader
11/22/09 11:27 a.m.

In reply to mgmike69:

Miata is a good car in ITA. No need to worry about the runoffs as IT is a regional class. Main competetion will be 2nd Gen CRX.

There are several differences in ITA and SM: While SM cars have can only change "spec" parts the ITA cars use (Subject to GCR rules): Open ECUs, Headers and Open Exhaust, AfterMarket Bushings and Offset Bushings Any Shocks- No Resevoirs, Open Clutch Disc and Plate, Any Diff Ratio that will fit in the stock rear end.

Kendall_Jones Reader
11/22/09 12:18 p.m.

However, there are some things a SM has that the ITA car cant...

  • 1.6 ITA miatas cant run the 1.8 diff
  • ITA miatas cannot "depower" a steering rack. Run it powered or manual rack,
  • ITA miatas must have the corner "vent" window in
  • ITA has minimum ride height of 5"

I know a lot of folks run SM in ITA to get points or trophys (or seat time), but its not a drop in for both classes.

Oh yeah, if it was me, I'd built a 1.8L ITA car. The SM rules are not stable, and the IT rules are (well, more stable). Building a SM for a customer, we changed top hats 3 times as the rules changed over 1 year.


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