06HHR (Forum Supporter)
06HHR (Forum Supporter) Dork
7/6/21 10:13 a.m.

Well, it seems a rather interesting trade has been offered by a close friend.  He wants to swap my 1991 Infiniti G20 for his 2011 Volkswagen Jetta.  The Infiniti is my work beater, SR20 goodness saddled with the automatic.  And while it runs great and is pretty much sorted it still needs a couple of things (water pump just started leaking noticeably, so have to replace that and fix a power steering leak somewhere).   The Jetta's been his work beater since he bought it new, and has 300k-ish on it now.  2.5 five-cylinder with a 5-speed manual that's currently missing 5th gear.  Ran decent last I saw it but, I haven't seen or driven it since he bought a Tesla back pre-Covid.  Normally i'd just do the swap and not worry about the issues with the Infiniti, but he wants to give it to his niece for a "school beater", and i wouldn't feel right putting a kid in a 30 year old car with issues (albeit minor).   He's driven my car and given it his stamp of approval, so all that's left for me is to agree to the trade and replace the water pump (which I was going to do anyway, because it's cheaper than putting a tank of gas in my truck).  So, what say the hive?  Does VAG have a 6-speed transmission I can swap in for the wounded 5-speed so I can make a torquey-but-slow version of a GLI?  Or should i keep my powder dry and save my SR for the next Racewars?  

cfvwtuner New Reader
7/6/21 11:02 a.m.

The MK6 isnt a bad car. The 2.5's are very strong engines. Torque isnt bad. It seems to run much better with 93 octane over the 87. Gas mileage isnt anything to write home about. You supposedly need to use the VW approved oil.

You can swap the GLI 6 speed transmission, I believe the major hurdle is you have to clearance the top of the bellhousing.

Rear suspension is simple.  Front isnt bad, but expect to have to cut out the studs for the top mounts.  They run nuts instead of the old studs.  The bolts rust and then the insert tears away from the strut mount.

Parts are available everywhere.

This is my 13 I picked up fall of 19 for a song. 1 owner 140K, boston commuter.  A used set of wheels, and eibach springs later and its a great back road/highway cruiser. 

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