Floating Doc (Forum Supporter)
Floating Doc (Forum Supporter) UltraDork
4/19/20 12:02 p.m.

My recent wagon acquisition needs some work. I've got choices to make about parts, and since it's not a Miata, I'm not as able to search old discussions.

Front axles-due to torn boots. I don't know about the rears, yet, but lets assume that they're okay for now.

I'm looking at Rock Auto, there's pricing all over the place. BTW, the local Subaru dealer would sell me front axles for $617. Each!

On RA, the standard replacement is a Surtrak/Trakmotive 8011 for $32.99 per side.

I'm (as always, and not likely the only one here) drawn to the words, "heavy duty". In that category, the option is the Surtrak/Trakmotive 8011HD, $83.79. Same part number with the addition of HD. More that twice the price. How different can it be? There is also an option to buy remanufactured parts, but haven't looked into that.

Dealer prices are insane, can't be that big if a difference, can? I'm drawn to RA as supporting a GRM advertiser is more important than ever.

Recommendations? Tips on the job itself would be appreciated. I have an air impact, as well as a Dewalt electric, plus a decent set of tools, so additional tools that I need are minimal. After watching a couple of videos, I see that I  will need a drift pin and chisel, and a 4 lb hammer.

Timing belt, water pump- Strong consensus to only buy Subaru parts or at least all Japanese bearings, etc., and since the original parts have lasted 155k miles and 16 years, it seems logical.

I looked at several options for purchasing the parts. Local dealer, $1125 for all of this, including thermostat, water pump, gaskets, pulleys, idlers, etc. No way.

I've found the timing belt set up on ebay for $392.58, with the STI spec Subaru OEM belt and a Subaru tensioner, and all Japanese parts. Seems to be the way to go. Link

The water pump is cheaper from subarupartsamerica.com than ebay. I'll also order the water pump gasket, thermostat, and thermostat gasket from them. I have Subaru coolant and conditioner coming from Amazon.

Any other parts that I should expect to need? I'd hate to get into this and find out I need something else. BTW, dealer total for all of this was $360.11 more than I paid for the car.

Fitzauto Dork
4/19/20 12:16 p.m.

Never done axles but the two timing belt changes I've done on my 02 were with a similar kit and it's held up great both times.

NGTD PowerDork
4/19/20 12:23 p.m.

Get a Subaru dealer price on the brake pads for an STI with the Brembos. It'll make your eyes water.

I'd get the standard duty front axles. The only reason I've had to do axles on a Subaru is due to torn boots. You'll need a torque wrench at the end. Check on line for the procedure, I'm pretty sure that the final torque has to be done on the ground, but before its driven.

_ Dork
4/19/20 2:00 p.m.
Floating Doc (Forum Supporter) said:

BTW, dealer total for all of this was $360.11 more than I paid for the car.

Oh good, so now you can spend a lot more to make it a vehicle that's worth more money. Can't play the "I bought it for $300, so I can never spend more than $300 on it ever." It's simply illogical. 

as a fellow subie owner I know it's hard to find a decent parts place. I'm pretty sure you can find a rebuild kit for those axles, but at $83 a piece for HD type, I wouldn't hesitate. Or, since they are so cheap to replace, go with the regular aftermarket axles and just plan on replacing them a little more often (which you can do twice before having paid for the HD axles!). With the timing belt itself, I would only go with a genuine subie part. Check your bearings in the timing area and see how they perform. The Japanese make the best bearings on the planet. It's a really good possibility some of them are still good. Just replace the ones you need. When it comes to gaskets, it's a wash. Some Felpro stuff is fine, some needs to be FHI, some you might get away with gasket maker. 

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