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engiekev HalfDork
1/13/21 8:18 a.m.
Mr_Asa said:

Ok now the big question is, who has done the GRM thing and made their own table/stand for the saw?  What did you learn?  What would you change?

A quick google turned up this page.  It has a PDF drawing on it that has exact measurements.


Mine looked pretty similar to that.

1) Make sure the legs are stiff enough and the base is heavy.  If its not heavy enough, the table will move while cutting, unless you have some way of holding the table.  I used a vise to hold my DIY table in place, worked just fine.  That DIY plan has very tall legs, if the table isn't held in place then it could easily tip over.

2) For the table, make the holes counter sunk and use a counter sink allen head fastener to hold the table to the saw.  Otherwise the screws will protrude and get in the way of  the workpiece

3) Use a velcro band to hold the trigger down on the saw.  If you want to get fancy, can add a switch after the saw plug and mount it on the table.

4) Use thick metal (more than 1/18") for the table top so there is less deflection

It would be very difficult to recreate the SWAG table miter slot, and the "quick remove" table feature, without getting the table part plasma/waterjet cut.  And then you're quickly approaching the price of the SWAG unit, that's why I just bought one instead of trying to duplicate it.  That, and the "quick remove" of the V2 table, makes the price tag worth it.  If you buy a HF saw for $100, and a SWAG table for $130, that's only $230 for an extremely capable metal bandsaw.

Here's a really fancy DIY stand, he had the table and legs plasma cut and it bolts together, if you're looking for more inspiration.  Some good ideas here, like having the table edge protrude all around the perimeter, so that clamps can be used along the edge (for makeshift fence).


Byrneon27 Reader
1/13/21 12:04 p.m.

General-purpose fab work: Portaband and a table 

Roll bars and medium to heavy wall tube work: Evolution carbide saw.

Mild steel exhaust work: Evolution carbide saw

Aluminum or stainless thin wall tube (Exhaust, intercooler plumbing, etc) best horizontal bandsaw you can afford. The $250 Harbor Freight job with good blade and bolts is more than good enough for most of us 

Lots of flat plate work: the best vertical bandsaw you can afford/store and yes it can absolutely be a portaband. 

Sheet steel/bodywork: Amazon plasma cutter 

I do not own an abrasive cutoff saw. Unless you are working on a super tight budget there is no reason for one, DO NOT cut aluminum you want to weld with an abrasive 

You're going to be grinding/sanding/filing the cut edges of anything you take off a saw if you want really good/pretty welds 

Mr_Asa UltraDork
1/14/21 6:39 p.m.

Well, that was relatively easy.  I'll play with this for a bit and see if I need quick release capabilities.

Couple tweaks and I'll be ready to start using it.


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