corsepervita New Reader
7/18/09 11:13 a.m.

Well everyone, it's me again. Been a while since i've posted. So I had a couple cars to add to my garage.

Story is my fiance got a horrid car, an eagle summit. It's a cross between something ugly, something not practical, a pile of crap, and something that eagle made. Aside from that, errrr it's great?

I got tired of working on the little clunker and gave her my ZX2. She needed something reliable to drive.

Before that... I had purchased a Porsche 924 project car which was in such horrible shape I didn't even want to put it on the boards. Well, it's road worthy, though not INSANELY reliable, but is well along in it's restoration state. I've been concentrating on weight reduction and stripping it down.

Anyway. I got tired of staring at the 924 and having driven it so many times wanted a Porsche for my daily. I went out and got me a 944. At first the car was excellent. Then problems started surfacing. Bad news was the car was poorly taken care of, but appeared "superb" at sight. Rather than dealing with the previous owner who wouldn't even return my calls.... I fixed the car.

It's now quite reliable. Needs a few things, torque tube bearings and master cyl fix. Parts are on the way...

Anyway. I was willing to sacrifice my car which had /no/ problems and was meticulous, so I could drive something fun that needed a little work. So I'm happy.

I'm spending A LOT of time on my cars in my off days. It feels great to finally be punching back through the boredom gate and back into the automotive world full speed ahead and have my hobby return to me again. I can't believe what I've missed. Been buying a lot of tools as I go. My 944 has required a lot of specialty tools.

It's kind of funny really. If you had a fully restored 944 and a fully restored 924 right next to each other i'd probably take the 924. Maybe I'm weird. But a car with no ABS, no power steering, no power anything and those bucket seats and the way the car feels is just superb, I love it. The 944 I love to death but just feels like a civilized pig, it's so heavy, but so fun. But not a 924. Maybe I'm weird.

Anyway. That's where I've been. I'm back!

PS: I have lots of pictures of the 924 to add. I'll post up some info. I have a worklog on my personal site that is over 30 pages long with pictures. If anyone is interested in me posting some pics, let me know.

924guy HalfDork
7/18/09 12:41 p.m.

pics are always welcome!

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