BlacktalonAWD None
8/7/10 4:38 p.m.

I have heard about the GRM challenge for a few years now, but i have never really looked into it, but recently I just picked up a car because it was a good deal, has alot of work done to it and the price was right (and the owner couldnt figure out what was wrong with it) long story short I have a great running car with alot of mods for very close to the limit. my problem is a few things

the rules state that the dashboard needs to be intact, if it was damaged it can be replaced, this car already cae with a aluminum dash, i assume that would be fine

since i am so close to the limit already I would have to sell some parts off the car to come up with more money for other things that i assume have to be included (fuel, transport to the track, etc...) does the fuel you use there have to be added to the total, and does the entry fee have to be included as well

tires, it has a good set on the car already, will i need more than one set for the event?

this car has already been modified and is very capable as it sits, is that frowned upon running a car someone else did most of the work to, or are you supposed to build the car yourself?

I have a second car of the same make/model that i am selling the engine/trans out of for more than i paid for the car, can this car be used as a parts car for the first one since i already came close to the budget with the first car, I theoretically would have not had the money to buy the second car in the first place.

This car was set up for the auto-x course by the previous owner, I am a drag racer so there are some things i would have done differently but the car is pretty capable and i think it would be fun to come out there even if i didnt build the car.

BlacktalonAWD New Reader
8/7/10 5:31 p.m.

also are you allowed to use C16, e85, etc.. or just pump?

Vigo HalfDork
8/7/10 5:35 p.m.

I couldnt tell you for sure about the fuel, but i think there is a rules list or thread around that will say for sure.

Ive only been to one challenge but as far as im concerned it doesnt matter who built the car as long as it fits within the spirit of the event and you can tell the GRM people enough about it to justify how it fits into the rules and you can fill up a few lines with an entertaining description of it.

But, that's just my .02. As a reader of the mag seeing your car in it, i wouldnt frown upon you racing a car you didnt build because in all likelihood i would never know, and as long as the car was built cheap to go fast i'll be entertained.

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