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irish44j HalfDork
6/23/10 9:50 p.m.

In reply to Mowry:

not saying it doesn't happen, just saying that it's not very common. MAFs and coilpacks, on the other hand...expect to replace those here and there...everyone does! Still, the engine itself is damn near indestructable. Even guys running 350+ whp S/C on the VQ30s rarely have any issues.

I put 3 sets of injectors in my '87 integra in 150k miles, and none in my '00 in 180k miles. Still anecdotal of course

Greg Voth
Greg Voth Reader
6/23/10 9:51 p.m.

I say some "muricn" muscle. Camaro, Mustang, etc. There have been a line of Hondas, Subarus, Mazdas, BMWs etc.

I dont mind the Maxima either. Maybe a non drift 240SX? Turbobrick?

irish44j HalfDork
6/23/10 9:53 p.m.
Greg Voth wrote: I say some "muricn" muscle. Camaro, Mustang, etc. There have been a line of Hondas, Subarus, Mazdas, BMWs etc. I dont mind the Maxima either. Maybe a non drift 240SX? Turbobrick? edit: referring to the 240 turbo wagon...

I'm gonna vote for a turbobrick wagon right behind the maxima. Love those things....

Kia_racer HalfDork
6/23/10 9:58 p.m.

I will 3rd the 740 wagon. I want one badly.

irish44j HalfDork
6/23/10 10:00 p.m.
Kia_racer wrote: I will 3rd the 740 wagon. I want one badly.

I was talking about the 240 wagon, personally.....

grimmelshanks Reader
6/23/10 10:01 p.m.

soo... comfy, fast, not small, and under 5k? e34!

JeepinMatt HalfDork
6/23/10 11:01 p.m.

6/24/10 12:37 a.m.

Obviously I am biased and have to vote for the Maxima as well.

Decent A/C. Save for some sensors and coil packs the VQ30 engine is very reliable ('95~'01 Maximas). VQ engine can be modded to be decently powerful with a broad & flat TQ curve. Suspension parts are available with some effort, car usually understeers but is very stable on the track. I've done 9 track days on a set of Nitto NT-01s and they are still good for another 4~5 track days at least. Brakes can last it depends on how you drive the car, I brake deep and late so I go through pads and rotors but they are cheap to replace.

Using the back seat and gutted out trunk I can fit 4 track tires, a box of tools, impact gun/tools, Craftsman aluminum floor jack, jack stands, extra bottles of car fluids, a big foam cooler, two folding chairs, and me along with a passenger with several days of luggage (Passenger being female mind you! lol) Take out the front passenger seat and you have room for a air compressor and probally some more stuff.

Drawbacks -

They can get rusty so buy a southern car that hasn't lived in the snow belt. Some interior rattles here and there that are annoying. Chassis is somewhat soft and needs reinforcement if tracked alot. Suspension geometery is a bit weird along with the crappy rear beam ('95~'03). People asking if the car is turboed and keep wondering why you were able to pass them on the track.

grimmelshanks Reader
6/24/10 2:23 a.m.
JeepinMatt wrote:

under 5k. plus, typhoons look way more agressive, unless you put a camper shell on a syclone, but thats just weird

93celicaGT2 SuperDork
6/24/10 7:34 a.m.

V6 manual camry. Add a TRD Supercharger when you get bored.

zomby woof
zomby woof HalfDork
6/24/10 7:44 a.m.

This is the only one mentioned that I would drive (except the truck, and you aren't going to find one of those), and I'm not exactly a Ford fan.

4 door sedan FTL

Hal wrote: Ford Focus SVT
klipless Reader
6/24/10 8:05 a.m.

Have you guys done an RX-7 before? I would have thought you had, but I couldn't find one anywhere in the project archives. You budget will buy you a really nice one.

Cotton HalfDork
6/24/10 8:25 a.m.

Another vote for P71 or something with RWD here.

itsarebuild Reader
6/24/10 8:31 a.m.

i seem to be mysteriously drawn to the early audi A4's. doesnt fit any of my price and age requiremnts. and i have no idea how well they can autocross, but i like em!

mndsm HalfDork
6/24/10 8:33 a.m.

Boxy cars rule. Volvo- early audi, early benz....

scardeal Reader
6/24/10 8:47 a.m.

BTW, On the Sentra SE-R mentioned earlier, I found the A/C to be barely adequate in Louisiana heat. YMMV I drove one around for 5 years.

I like the idea of a Maxima too.

Here's an idea: do a LeMons/ChumpCar project. $500 or less.

skruffy SuperDork
6/24/10 10:10 a.m.

I just found this today. Seems like a steal for $5k and the listing doesn't feel nigerian at all, but I haven't emailed about it yet.

Comfortable, killer A/C, surprisingly nimble and fun to drive for such a big car. The short wheelbase sports got a better rear end, torque converter, 3 spoke ///M steering wheel, lower/stiffer suspension, those awesome M-parallel wheels, and some other cool stuff.

Duke SuperDork
6/24/10 12:28 p.m.
Mowry wrote:
chknhwk wrote: Lexus IS wagon. Oh yes.
find me one of those for five grand. hell, find me two...

Did they sell two in the US? Even if they did I think you're out of luck trying to get both of them.

jrw1621 SuperDork
6/24/10 12:34 p.m.

The Lexus is300 Sportwagons were only available with an automatic trans regardless of price.

SVTF New Reader
6/24/10 12:47 p.m.

81gtv6 HalfDork
6/24/10 1:50 p.m.

Something like this, but with - the auto:

JeepinMatt HalfDork
6/24/10 1:59 p.m.

The Syclone would be tough to find, with roughly 3000 of them made, but I spotted one or two under 5k. Most weren't 5k

  1. A/C? Check
  2. Manual? Check
  3. Good-handling? Check
  4. Cheap? Oh yeah, you should get a nice one for 3-5k
  5. Spacious? 5 passengers
96DXCivic Dork
6/24/10 2:36 p.m.

I vote MG 1300 that is reliable right.

scardeal Reader
6/24/10 2:59 p.m.

For kicks, what about:
Pontiac Grand Am/G6
Dodge Avenger

Make a domestic handle?

Travis_K Dork
6/24/10 3:43 p.m.

I like the Alfa 164 idea, its probably the most interesting one from the list. Or what about a old BMW 7 series, the E23? or whatever the first one was. I really dont find most japanese cars to be in the least bit interesting (yes there are exceptions, but in general i dont like them much). I think an Alfa would be a pretty interesting project though.

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