Justjim75 HalfDork
9/9/18 1:10 a.m.

So I have a warped front rotor and who knows what pads, and my remaining budget is getting thin.  It's my understanding that factory replacement brakes parts dont count so I'm assuming slotted rotors would add to money spent.  If this is the case, if I got EBC redstuff is that ok? I've seen front brake kits from Powerstop, Stoptech, and EBC that would be factory style solid rotors and pads for about $125-150, but for obvious reasons I'd prefer to get one with better pads and my reading indicates there is a benefit to slotted rotors on a street car that may get tracked.  Anybody with first hand brake experience and/or Challenge budget knowledge is urged to comment.  Thanks yall!

NordicSaab Dork
9/9/18 9:20 a.m.

My 10 cents... The NB miata has very good brakes for stock power. Replace everything, rotors, calipers, pads, lines, with an OEM equivalent and move on without any budget hit. 

Robbie PowerDork
9/9/18 9:41 a.m.

A wise man once told me:

"The OEM replacement brake rule is one of the best budget loopholes."

but what he meant was: just get OEM replacements and make sure the whole system is working well dummy.

captdownshift PowerDork
9/9/18 9:51 a.m.

Rotor styling mean very little now that organic material pads are a rarity. Just a good vented rotor is fine. I like a good fluid and good pad, however I'd never consider EBC a good pad. 

Justjim75 HalfDork
9/9/18 11:01 a.m.

Factory rotors and good pads it is.  Thanks yall!

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