aribert New Reader
6/21/16 11:39 a.m.

Some time back there was a very short article by Andy Hollis about repacking a sealed muffler. Anyone else here repacked a muffler that is not intended to be repacked?

I have a Spit bodied GT6 (with a Mazda diff like the Ro-Spit, thanks GRM - I have not sheared (Triumph) diff teeth now in the better part of a decade). I have a turbo tube muffler below the driveshaft and a pair of (Dynomax?) mini turbo mufflers at the end. While I like the sound / tone of the exhaust, I want to make it more subdued.

Based on an internet search, it appears that stainless steel wool lasts much longer than fiberglass. I found a source local to me and ordered a small roll of course stainless wool and a sheet of stainless wool with a stainless screen mesh. Based on my muffler configuration how should I place the material?

My tail end of my GT6 exhaust: I cut open one of the cans (I made a jetting change last fall that reduced the fuel mileage by 4 mpg - it shows in how the holes in the tubes are almost completely plugged: In hindsight I think I should have just cut out the center between the two baffles. I could stuff the roll material thru the existing holes in the baffles. I also did not realize that there were two layers of metal - On the 2nd unit I intend to stagger my cuts so that there is overlap between the layers, easier when its time to weld things back up. This is what the two materials look like

I bought the stainless material before cutting open the muffler can. And foolish me, I cut the 8.5 x 20 sheet in half before opening up the muffler. The idea is to wrap/weave the sheet between the two tubes and use the roll material in the ends.

Your thoughts/suggestions?

aribert New Reader
6/23/16 9:41 a.m.

BTT Anybody?

GameboyRMH MegaDork
6/23/16 10:40 a.m.

Wrap the perforated part of the tube leading to the outlet with the screen and then stuff the center chamber full of stainless steel wool.

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