Jay HalfDork
5/26/08 6:04 p.m.

So I was at my local Kaufland, which is like K-mart + groceries, and I saw a bin full of torque wrenches (not a normal item that they carry) proclaiming loudly how they were on sale for €15.99. Well I picked one up and noticed all the boxes had been re-stickered down to €11.99. Can't argue with that, so into the basket it went.

When ringing my stuff through at the till, I always watch the prices like a hawk at that place because they sometimes like to "forget" their sales prices and charge you extra hoping you won't notice. Well, there was indeed a mistake - my torque wrench rang in at €7.99! :grin: I wasn't about to dispute that!

Granted it's probably a Chinese POS and will self-destruct in eight months, but it's good enough for my lugnuts. The price was right anyway!

: J

mad_machine SuperDork
5/26/08 6:07 p.m.

it will make a good hammer after it self destructs.

they also make decent breaker bars too

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