davidjs Reader
2/14/10 10:15 a.m.

Having learned the folly of tan cloth seats with two small children (I have no idea how that got there!), we're starting to look at seat covers.

It's a 2009 VW Tiguan (black), and based on the side airbags and not wanting a "univeral" fit, we've pretty much narrowed down to Wet Okole ( http://www.wetokole.com ) or Shear Comfort ( http://www.shearcomfort.com/ ), likely the neoprene (we really want the waterproof aspect).

They'll be around the same price for the shear comforts if you get the "deluxe" package which mainly seems to include headrests (a must since we're probably going from tan to a black/inset look) and pockets.

Any reviews or comparisons of the two? I've found more on Wet okole online (and they seem generally positive), but not much about shear comfort (may be a function of a more generic name making it harder to search).

(And that's enough parentheses)


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