12/9/22 11:50 a.m.

[Note to Moderator: I have not posted my company name, as I don't want to appear to just be advertising my site.]

Hi, I'm looking for a track car (Spec Miata preferred, but all considered) owner interested in receiving free numberplate decals/magnets, in return providing me with some photos of your car that I can use for my company's site.

I own a small business that makes custom track day number plates magnets/decals. These decals can be personalized with your number, driver's name, country flag, and in any color scheme. I offer several sizes, and a choice of magnetic or permanent vinyl. I have 500+ sales on Etsy, so I'm trying to create a more professional appearance by having my company's name and decals on a Spec Miata, and use those photos on my site. I owned a Spec Miata ('91, peach orange haha) so that's why I'm specifically looking for a SM.

If you are able to provide a few high resolution on-track photos, then please DM me and we can discuss which decal and color options you want. I'd like to do numbers on both doors, a windshield banner, and any Class Letters or miscellaneous (e.g. Tow Hook, Fire Extinguisher, etc) decals you want. I'm only looking for one sponsor car, but you'll receive everything for free.

- James

LanEvo Dork
12/9/22 12:23 p.m.

Just an FYI

The BMW CCA is making a big move from traditional classing (letters and modification level) to power-to-weight ratio. Most of the field will be switching over to the new "PWR" classification scheme this winter. Seems like that would be a good market for you.

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