DaveEstey Reader
8/15/10 1:13 p.m.

I've recently decided to take my CRX off the road so I can make it a little more serious as a track/hillclimb toy.

Car is currently hovering around 2,050lbs with the 6-point rollcage made out of the lightest allowable DOM.

Right now there's nothing in the car but the drivers seat, dash and steering wheel. I do however have all the glass in the car still, which I imagine will net my greatest losses.

I have already removed the power steering and A/C, ripped out the sunroof and replaced it with a sheet metal plug, the entire exhaust has been replaced shedding about 30lbs.

I feel like I'm starting to run out of cheap lightening options (yes I read this month's article on lightening). I need to leave the heater in the car since I also ice race.

Do I go so far as to cut the webbing out of the hood and the doors (skinning the doors in aluminum afterward)?

Anyone? Bueller?

pres589 HalfDork
8/15/10 1:17 p.m.

Lexan back glass would probably help, I don't know if I'd do that with any other window on the car though, but I'd give the back glass a shot.

Glove box, carpet, sound deadening all seem like options. I don't know how strong the hood is if you cut the bracing out of it, the doors I could see it being worthwhile for a few pounds each side.

What about the exhaust, what's the stock muffler weigh and is there something not horribly loud that you could replace it with that cuts the weight? Seems like some factory mufflers are really heavy.

DaveEstey Reader
8/15/10 1:20 p.m.

I updated the first post with more info.

The interior is down to bare metal, no carpet and no sound deadening. I do have a glovebox but it's empty.

Maybe take the whole dash out and leave the heater core sitting there? As long as it can keep the windshield from fogging it's fine. I can run some ducts if need be.

4cylndrfury SuperDork
8/15/10 1:31 p.m.

Start looking for tubular control arms and possibly removing any stamped cross braces and replace with tubed units also. Also, Smaller radiators require less water = less weight. Not as cheap as removing a rear seat and such, but theres a lot of weight in stamped steel vs tube steel...

Appleseed SuperDork
8/15/10 2:08 p.m.

Start drilling holes, especially in non-structural components. Look for ounces, and the pounds will come.

edit: ignore the start link. Dunno how I did that. I'm not a canoe.

porksboy Dork
8/15/10 3:26 p.m.

I like the look of litening holes. Replace cosmetic and air controling panels with al. sheet.

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