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Jerry UltraDork
4/6/16 8:16 a.m.
WingZombie wrote:
DeadSkunk wrote:
JohnRW1621 wrote: Putnam Park in IN. 5 hour trip for me. Not likely. I was hoping it was somewhere between you and me.

Are there no track sessions at Mid-Ohio? Or, you could try a open track day at Waterford Hills. I'd come watch/instruct.

I run Mid-Ohio with AutoInterests. They are a solid bunch. Jason and Sarah run a tight ship with good instructors. I'll be running with them in June and September. Come run with us Mini's, we love having other "little guys" on the track with us. http://autointerests.com/

I should add that they run a cool "Acclimation" program for new folks. It's only $75 and while you aren't running at full speed, it teaches a lot. Since it's only a partial day, you can add track time onto for the second half of the day if you want. If you're on this site, most of it is stuff you probably already know, the theory, but it gives you a chance to see it and apply it on a racing surface.

Someone from AutoInterests was at the Great Lakes Racing Expo in Cincinnati a few months ago, I talked to them at length and kept the info. Very interested, Mid Ohio is only slightly more than 2hrs away, and the $ was great! I think I'll go back and look at the June date, that might be perfect to get me more comfortable for TNiA in July.

Thanks for the reminder!

einy Reader
4/6/16 11:46 a.m.

Jerry - are you also in Cincy area? I have not heard of the Great Lakes Racing Expo before, is that an annual even here? This post has me looking hard at the Mid Ohio acclimation day there in late June. It'd be fun to stretch the GTI's legs a bit, especially with the afternoon hot track session only a $100 adder !!


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