wlkelley3 Reader
5/29/08 8:11 p.m.

OK experts, I need guidance. I'm finishing up the restoration of my 70 Opel GT. It's all original, including points in the distributor except for a rebuilt Weber 32/36 DGV replacing the original Solex. Turned the key for the first time last night and everything seemed normal. mechanical fuel pump got fuel to the carb, can see fuel in the barrels but didn't start. worked on it today and still wouldn't start but turned over normally. Just like it should. Then something weird happened after letting it sit for a couple minutes. truned the key to the "run" position and the tach jumps and settles at 3000 rpm (hmmn, that's strange) turned the key further to "start" position and tach moves down to 1500 rpm (huh?) and the motor wouldn't turn over. :evil: Talked with a friend and he gave me the specs to test the coil (original Bosch). Ohms at >2 ohms at the pos to neg terminal and 8K from side to center. That's about what he said it shoud be. Next I tried jumping the starter but all that happened is a large current draw but still not turning. New battery on a charger w/ >12-volts tested. Points working, at least the distributor is turning and the points are opening. I initially thought bad coil but now I'm leaning to bad starter solinoid, maybe both. Coil is optainable local, starter isn't, have to order it and ship the old one for core. I know I'm pushing a deadline, my local club is holding it's annual EuroBrit car show Saturday and I'd like to debut the car there, that is if I can get it started. Any ideas as what this is? coil or starter?

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