Koopsy New Reader
2/7/17 2:19 p.m.

Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a new helmet and I'm considering either the Stilo ST5 or Arai GP6-S. Both are very similar in price and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with either of these helmets and can comment on quality, fit, etc. or recommend something better.


Tyler H
Tyler H UltraDork
2/7/17 2:45 p.m.

I bought the Arai GP6-S. You don't get all of the Italian style and integrated electronics options of Stilo, but you get a couple of generations of experience building top notch motorsports helmets.

I liked the Stilo style, but supply issues, company buyouts, etc when I was buying last year pushed me to Arai.

Just don't ever put one on until you're ready to plunk down the cash. The fit, coming from a Pyrotect, is amazing. It's light and snug..If you're a meathead, buy a size larger. The helmet disappears around you and the weight savings going from a Pyrotect + HANS Sport to the Arai + a Hans Pro means my neck and shoulders don't hurt until the Wednesday after a race weekend.

Putting my Pyrotect back on feels like wearing a bucket..and I think the Pyrotect was a excellent quality helmet for the price.

You can't go wrong with either. The Stilo has a leg up in integrated electronics and the fighter pilot looks. They also run on the snug side.

Cycle World interview with Michio Arai

Interview with Michio Arai - series on YouTube

Koopsy New Reader
2/7/17 3:02 p.m.

In reply to Tyler H:

That's excellent, thank you!

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