neckromacr Reader
5/19/11 10:44 p.m.

So I just moved into a house and have an extra room for a project in my driveway.

I've been mulling it over whether to let my Scirooco go into project mode and get a vanilla commuter, or get something more interesting and keep DD the Scirocco.

Well I was talking with a buddy today about one of the long term goals with the Scirocco was to build an ABA 16v franken motor. I was going to use a custom chip with the stock Monotronic system. Which more or less means I need a complete running motor out of a MK3 VW.

My house while having a lovely drive way is garage-less. The thoughts of hauling a rebuilt engine out of the basement seems daunting and ripe for something to go wrong.

I started combining the two ideas, no garage and need for a near complete motor and gear. Why not just buy a MK3, park it in the extra spot. It seems like a good idea, I can use the engine bay for all my rebuilding, and once its together I can even use the MK3 to test it and make sure it runs before transplanting it to the Scirocco. Bonus being that the car might be had on the cheap (rear end collision?) and any extra body parts can be sold off to fund the engine build.

Obviously when not working on the car, it would be covered as not to raise the ire of the neighbors.

Anybody ever try anything like this before? Does this sound incredibly stupid?

jmthunderbirdturbo New Reader
5/19/11 10:53 p.m.

donor cars are never a bad idea.


thummmper Reader
5/19/11 10:57 p.m.

be may like the mk3 better. I was wooed by my eagle vision in an attempt to drive the full tank down, but I didnt have a week to do that. theres an old rule governing sciroccos. and you have passed--it must be spelled right before a wrench can be taken to it. I am completing a year long transplant in a senior trailerpark behind the coach fronting the railroad at the beach--tedious and I lay off the grinding and welding after 6 pm and sundays. one complaint and I am done for.

neckromacr Reader
5/19/11 11:46 p.m.

I had a MK3 previous to my first Scirocco, I like them well enough, but I was left wanting a lighter more rev happy car. I liked my first Scirocco so well I found another after the first one got totaled.

That said, a few things learned, CIS-E is good but not great. Monotronic is a very well rounded stock management system once you have it set right with good aftermarket support. I honestly don't think I have the patience or time to fine tune a Megasquirted frankenmotor.

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