fathero5 New Reader
5/29/08 10:35 p.m.

Ultra High Performance tires all have A or AA traction and A temperature ratings but come in a pretty wide range of treadwear ratings. Can you use the treadwear rating as a "stickiness" measure?

The Sumitomo HTR Z has a treadwear rating of 160 and the Fuzion Zri has a rating of 320. The Dunlop Direzza DZ101 has a rating 300. Can you use the treadwear rating to make a decision on a tire for autocross? Would the Sumitomo be the better tire?

I don't know, therefore I ask.

carguy123 Reader
5/29/08 10:44 p.m.

You can only use the treadwear as a stickiness measure within the same brand, and then it's not an exact relationship.

It's kinda like tire sizes, they are only a guideline, not a real size.

On 265/35 x 18" I have found as much as a 2" difference in widths between brands and models.

I am not sure why we have either if they aren't going to mean anything.

ProDarwin Dork
5/30/08 6:39 a.m.

Even within the same brand treadwear is somewhat meaningless. Especially if that brand is Bridgestone. The RE92 (known as one of the worst tires ever) has a treadwear of 160, while the RE01R (known as one of the best autox tires ever) has a treadwear of 180.

I certainly wouldn't use it to compare the tires you have listed. Unfortunately, not many people/magazines take the time to compare street tires that are not competitors in the ST classes.

aeronca65t New Reader
5/30/08 7:02 a.m.

Here's a brief explaination of threadwear:

~This is a rating of the tread's durability, as tested against an industry standard. The reference number is 100 so a tire with a treadwear rating of 180 has an 80 percent longer predicted tread life while a rating of 80 means a predicted tread life only 80 percent as long as the industry standard. And there is a newer standard that goes from 20 to 620.In either case,the higher the number, the longer a tire's useable tread life.~

...but it agree, it doesn't seem consistent between tires and their "stickieness" vs wear. I ran Kumho Advans (40 TW) and Yoko A032Rs (50 TW) they didn't seem to stick more than the Toyo RA-1s (100 TW) that I'm running now on my vintage race Sprite. Wear seemed about equal. I also have bigger RA-1s on my NASA PTF Escort and they have a 40 TW, but seem to wear pretty well. I just ordered a new set of Toyo R888s (the RA-1 replacement). They have a TW of 100. I guess I'll see how they work.

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