Devilsolsi Reader
9/14/18 10:34 a.m.

I swear there was a thread about this but I couldn't find it. So apologies if I just missed bumping something that was already answered.


I just booked my reservations for Petite Le Mans and am considering purchasing a scanner. At most of the IMSA races i have been to they have broadcast the IMSA radio commentary on the track's radio station. For some reason, they weren't doing this at Watkins Glen, and I got stuck trying to stream the broadcast through the IMSA radio website on my phone. Not ideal, and not great for my data plan.


I don't know of anyway to find out ahead of time if Road Atlanta will be broadcasting through the track radio station or not. Does anyone have any recommendations for track scanners? What kind of batteries do they take and how long do they typically last?


Any thoughts, recommendations or opinions are appreciated.



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