[Editor's Note: This story originally ran in our February 2014 issue. Some information may be slightly different. Hagerty values a excellent Coupe GT at just under $9000 in 2019.]

The sharp angles that defined '80s car styling were supposed to look high-tech. They …

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ddavidv PowerDork
12/4/19 8:45 p.m.

This was a pretty good article. Few additions/revisions:

The shifter bushings are replaceable in the early cars but not the later ones. The dealer will tell you they aren't sold separately but if you can read the part numbers molded into your old ones they can be had.

Schrick used to make a cam for the NA five cylinder. Added to a 2.3 with a 5-2-1 manifold you can get around 150hp. More than that and you'll need boost.

Audi 90 rear axle beam with disc brakes is a direct bolt-in. You'll need to make up some brake lines is all. I did not have to change the proportioning valve on mine.

A set of lowering springs and a 4000 quattro sedan front sway bar/Addco rear bar will transform the handling.

Trim like sunroof seals and interior parts are difficult to find. Only buy a nice one if you want to have a nice one. The faux fog lamp lens things in the front bumper are like gold in the Audi community.

A quattro Coupe roll bar or cage is a direct bolt-in.

A dated but still useful link to my web pages about mine:  Mongrel Motorsports

I had mine for 12 years. It was one of the best cars I've ever owned. 

JesseWolfe Reader
12/5/19 5:18 a.m.

My first car was an 81' GT, when I was 19.  Previous owner had disabled the low oil pressure alarm and the cam locked in the head, I stripped the motor down and never got back around to putting it back together.

Knurled. MegaDork
12/5/19 5:28 a.m.

It's kind of a dream of mine to acquire a Coupe GT and stick a Quantum Syncro rear suspension and drivetrain under it.  The Syncro is a front wheel drive floorpan B2 chassis car like the CGT, but it has rear differential and control arm system that uses a quattro differential and a rear suspension that is kind of a hybrid of Super Beetle and 944, except with no torsion bars.


Why do it when you could more cheaply and easily just buy a quattro?  Well...  because it's there. 


An aside, Audi 5000 "engines" bolt in, but the stuff around it doesn't.  The airbox won't fit and the downpipe doesn't work in the small-chassis cars.  You need an urquattro downpipe, "igloo" (CIS air plumbing bit), and a couple other items to make it work... basically, the items that make an urq engine different from a 5000 engine.

Typ85 Reader
2/6/21 9:53 p.m.

ddavidv PowerDork
2/7/21 7:43 a.m.

I know that guy. smiley Garrrrzzzaaa!

Placemotorsports HalfDork
2/7/21 7:45 a.m.

Would love to find one at a reasonable price but that seems to not be a thing anymore.

cdowd (Forum Supporter)
cdowd (Forum Supporter) Dork
2/7/21 1:26 p.m.

My first when I turned 16 was my mom's hand me down 1984 GT.  I loved that car.  Black with grey interior and a 5 speed.  That was in 1987.  I don't drive 3 year old cars now.  

ddavidv PowerDork
2/8/21 8:17 a.m.
Placemotorsports said:

Would love to find one at a reasonable price but that seems to not be a thing anymore.

My car (the anthracite one above) comes up for sale about every two years. It's been coast to coast with various owners. Other than some refab on the leather seats by now and maybe a little paintwork (had some peeling clear on the cowl) it would be a good buy. Brand new engine, rear disc conversion and a bunch of other stuff.

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