ea_sport Reader
2/9/16 10:09 p.m.

I've been driving my wife's old car, an '07 XC90 3.2 as my DD. The gps screen is stuck in up position even when it's not in use and it has a message saying "Please insert disc". I checked the gps DVD player door and its closed. In addition when it's not acting up the gps worked fine so the disc was in there. The thing is when the screen is up with that message it's draining the battery to the point that I had to jump start the car after sitting for more than 6 hours. I unplugged the fuse for the gps which helped stop the battery from draining but the fuse is in the same circuit as the radio so now I don't have radio either . Usually after I jump start the car the gps screen stay down for about 2 days before popping back up with the same message and draining the bsttery.

Question: any Volvo or electrical expert out there who can help make an educated guess as to what's causing this so when I take it to the dealer or local independent Volvo specialist I have some ideas of what to expect. Is it possible to deactivate the gps without taking the fuse out? The gps is using 2007 database so I've been using Waze anyway. Thanks guys.

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