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maschinenbau UberDork
9/29/22 8:58 a.m.

In reply to Parker with too many Projects :

berkeley that's hot

Parker with too many Projects
Parker with too many Projects Dork
10/14/22 12:26 p.m.

Of course while I'm on the home stretch I hit a major roadblock: my attempt to seal the pinholes in the tank was not successful, showing itself after I sprayed clear coat. The real issue is that the inside of the tank is now covered in POR15 tank sealer, which nothing will stick to, can't be removed, and can't be welded to. 

My hopeful solution is that I'm filling the offending areas with JB weld to hopefully just eliminate this area from the fuel tank and use the geometry to physically hold the epoxy in place. No fuel pickup happens from here since it's below the petcock outlet, and it's a pretty common rust area in the stock fuel tank once any water separates out from fuel. You can thin JB Weld pretty easily with Acetone, and then inject it with a turkey baster in the now-expanded pinholes.

Parker with too many Projects
Parker with too many Projects Dork
10/20/22 10:36 a.m.

Update on using thinned JB weld. It flowed very well through the turkey baster! What wasn't expected was the length of time required to cure the acetone-thinned epoxy at 40°-60°F  -a solid week, half of that with a space heater pointed at the epoxy sections.  Checked last night, and it's water-tight so I'll be figuring out a way to ruin another turkey baster to apply more POR15 tank sealer over the JB, and hoping that it sticks well enough to the cured POR15 to keep the E15 fuel from eating the JB.

jfryjfry SuperDork
10/21/22 8:43 a.m.

Hopefully successful!   If nothing else, you should be able to weld it up.   Maybe braze. 

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