Patientzero Dork
9/23/21 5:43 p.m.

So this doesn't technically belong to me yet but I'm storing it and doing some work on it.  An older guy I work with had this at an old house out of state and over labor day weekend he went to visit family and brought it home.  He said he'd like to sell it but would like to ride it a couple more times.  He also doesn't have anywhere to store it.  I offered to store it for him and my family has some land to ride it so he told me to take it home and enjoy.  I pretty much only needed to drain the fuel and refill and it kicked to life with a little bit of ether.  Every time I've ridden it since it has started easier and easier.

So far I've replaced the grips, the lower chain roller, and changed the transmission oil with some fresh Mobil 1 10w40.  I also have a new chain and sprockets but haven't swapped them out yet.  I really need to pick up some dirt gear before I go too hard on it.  Mainly some boots. 

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